12 – Bibliography


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Internet Resources


Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (web site)

USDA Forest Service web site


Picture credits
Rich Vutera Bent broadhead
Steve Coote 2.5:1 trade point,
Three Rivers Archery Strunk Arrow plane

Special Thanks

I would like to take this space to thank many people for supplying me with the raw materials and information on certain kinds of shafting materials. Most of these people gave me insight into their particular way of making arrows and helped me learn enough to write this book.

Anthony Kaczmarek – Ohio USA
Bill McNeal – Hampstead, MD USA
David Sewart – Oologah, Oklahoma USA
Frank Rago – White, Georgia USA
Gavin Eisler – Argyll, Scotland
Gilbert Stacey – Savannah, Georgia USA
Jim Jones AKA Three Hawks – Portland, Oregon USA
Jim Roane AKA “Big Eagle” – Ellicott City, MD USA
Joe Chestnut – Texas USA
Matt Edwards – Goldsboro, NC USA
Mike VanDerlinden – Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Salvador Ocoha – California USA
Steve Coote – New Zealand
Troy Breeding
Thomas Hahnenberg – Michigan, USA
Tom Mills – Pasadena, California USA

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